10 Perfect Themes for a Baby Shower

When it comes to throwing a memorable celebration part for a mother-to-be, you want every aspect to go perfectly! And while this is no small feat, you’ll often find that one of the most simple and effective ways to have an excellent baby shower is to pick a theme and base many of your other choices around it.

A strong theme can pull together the rest of the decorative elements in a spectacular, unique, creative, and exciting way. In that vein, here are 10 of the best themes for a baby shower!


Vintage baby showers are great for those who have a more classical style as well as anyone who has an appreciation for handcrafted decorations. And after all, tradition has become known as traditional for a very good reason!

Some ideas to get a good brainstorming session going for this theme could include subtle, muted coloring, vintage toys, and handmade accessories, clothing, and invitations; really, anything that recalls a classic or antique sensibility.


Basing the theme around a specific color can be a wonderful way to stimulate some outside-the-box design thinking! For this theme, it’d be very important to keep in mind that some colors are often seen as representing specific moods or atmospheres.

Yellow, for example, could be used for a bold and lively approach, while blue would be a good choice for a more tranquil and serene design.


A fantastic, tried-and-true theme for the baby shower could be something everyone loves: Animals!

For this theme, you could either base the shower around a specific animal or a group of animals such as a farm or dinosaur theme. Both choices offer a great deal of options and it’s really just a matter of what fits in better with the personality of the future mother.


Seasons are a wonderful choice if there is a certain time of year or holiday that you want to try basing the party around. A winter theme, for instance could feature some iconic imagery and designs such as snowflakes, sleighs, or a fireplace.

There are a lot of great opportunities to be had here, so try focusing of some of the best elements of the time of year you’re designing the shower around!


For a more adventurous and pioneering atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a space or astronaut theme!

By utilizing stars, the moon, other planets, and a rocket ship it’s possible to create a stunningly alien experience for everyone involved. The ideas for this theme are as open and boundless as outer space itself!


Storybook themes are a fantastic path toward giving the celebration an escapist or imaginative vibe and can also evoke fond childhood memories.

Some of the best options here could be Winnie the Pooh, various Dr. Seuss books, or Pinocchio. Alternatively, you could combine multiple children’s book tales and characters together and turn the party into a general storybook theme. Luckily, there’s no shortage of source material to work with!


It’d be difficult to go wrong with a natural theme, which has a universal sense of enjoyment to it! Try experimenting with different combinations of natural imagery, from sunshine and flowers to ladybugs or green hills and forests.

The important thing here is to just try and construct a sense of wildlife and the beautiful outdoors. Once you get the ball rolling, the whole theme will start to come together in no time!


The idea of flying conjures spectacular and wondrous images, so it only stands to reason that it would make a great theme for the baby shower. Clouds, airplanes, kites, and birds can all be blended together or focused on separately with this category of themes and work together beautifully and uniquely.

A good starting point with this theme is focusing on anything and everything you picture when you imagine flying!


The circus is a place of spectacle, excitement, and the eccentric. Elephants, peanuts, tents, and acrobatics fuse together in a theme like this and recreate the sense of going to watch circus performers. Begin planning it out and see if the ideas don’t start coming to you naturally!


Lastly, we have the beloved superhero theme for all those who admired the caped crusaders and everything they stand for! Regardless of whether you focus on a specific hero like Batman or Wonder Woman or instead decide to mix together a combination of many vigilantes, the result is sure to be spirited and joyful.

Give it a shot and figure out if it’s the right fit for your party!

About Auther:

Leigh Gordon is an avid surfer, writer, and blogger living in San Diego. She spends time hiking and traveling, and enjoys seeing all that California and the world have to offer. She owns a yellow lab named Finn.