Simple Woodworking Projects for Complete Beginners

When you’re just starting out with practicing woodworking, it can be intimidating to try to find a simple enough project for your skill level. It’s often more than a little frustrating to start a new project only to realize that you’re in over your head and the task is too advanced of a level for where you’re at.

If you’re looking for a list of beginner-friendly projects that will help you develop your skills while also being achievable, try giving one of these ten ideas a shot!

Basic Shelf

A fantastic and relatively way to get started with woodworking is to construct a basic shelf. Simple shelves have the double advantage of looking impressive while also being low-cost and good for those with a less developed skill set.

Not only that, but they have a great functional use too!


When it comes to woodworking, things don’t get much more straightforward than a storage box. By practicing making a few of these, you’ll learn some of the fundamental principles of woodwork while also successfully creating something useful for around the house, so boxes are a perfect first project!

Bird House

Not only is a bird house a great project for a woodworking novice, but it’s also ideal for those who’d like to involve their children in this hobby! See if this creative, fun, and original experience doesn’t energize you and get you further along on your journey to become an expert woodworker.

Small Table

Another simple yet functional idea is to create a small table, perhaps to hold a lamp or other little items. This is something you can get done in as little as two or three days and yet will be using for as long as you find a purpose for it in the home!

Candle Holder

Want to develop your craft and get a new holder for your candles at the same time? Try a light, basic candle holder out for size as one of your first projects and watch how quickly your skills progress along the way!

Chopping Board

If you also have a culinary interest in addition your woodworking hobby, consider combining the two with a new chopping board! With only a few easy steps, you’ll find yourself with a finished result that can be an added boost to both of your skills while taking very little time to do so.


Whether you need a small, sturdy bench for inside the home or a slightly larger option for outdoor seating, this will be a surefire way to refine your beginner woodworking techniques. And the best part is, some bench designs can take as little as a few hours for you to complete!

Coat Rack

For those who have been experiencing major problems with clutter in the home, a coat rack can be an effective solution that also lets you practice your wood crafting abilities! Painting and decorating it can also be a fun way to add some personal style to a more basic design.


Bookends can be a great addition to a shelf project, but they also work just fine as a standalone piece. These are also helpful due to the relative lack of materials or complexity and are a fun change of pace from some of the larger projects included here!

Shoe Holders

A quick and final challenge to try out for those new to the craft is making some shoe racks! These can conveniently store all manner of shoes you might own and give you a chance to impress some guests with your woodworking knowledge at the same time. A nice side benefit as you practice and grow with your hobby!

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