Women’s Luxury Watches For Travel And Fashion

Women’s luxury watches are on the rise as new brands and styles have been emerging.  In keeping track of the style trends I have noticed a lean towards more traditionally masculine aesthetics for women’s watches.  Open faces and dive watch type styles have been on the rise especially in high end stores such as Nordstrom’s and Lord & Taylor.  I’ve been collecting a few of my favorite styles and brands.  Here are a few of my favorite current offerings:

This Gucci Dive watch is one of my favorites.  Traditionally made for men, these are becoming a hot buy for women as well who like to mix it up with a slightly more masculine watch to offset certain casual styles.  I really like the snake face on this one offset by the multicolor dial.  The Gucci Dive series also has a number of different faces that have come and gone over the years.

This Rado Automatic “Open Heart” luxury watch is another more masculine leaning style that is very popular among women right now.  The open face showing the dials gives it an ornate decor factor without a lot of sparkling jewels.  For those women who want expensive taste but no stones.

This Michele Deco Sport in pink is a much more traditionally feminine style, however the larger face makes it something of a mix between masculine and feminine.  But this is perfect for those who want the big watch aesthetic but a much more feminine style.  I really like the square face and bevel on this one.

Another offering from Michele is this Sidney Chrono Diamond.  Perfect for those who want the large watch face in a round shape.  This has a neutral metal coloring with a white face that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood.  It goes with anything from business casual to a night out on the town.  This is actually my favorite of the bunch as I like something that gives me some versatility.  I’m not someone who really wants a number of different watches, rather I’d like one that I REALLY like and can go with just about everything that I want to wear.  It’s also great for traveling when you may want to go with a number of different types of outfits but don’t want to bring a bunch of accessories with you.

Here is another look at the same watch in a more business-casual blazer:

This is a perfect watch for those who want to project both beauty, style, and power.  Also great for women that like a bit of feminine flair but don’t want a tiny watch face.

This Hamilton watch is simple and classic: a timeless timepiece for those who just want the basics but don’t want to sacrifice quality or aesthetic.

With a white face and leather strap, the Hamilton Jazzmaster goes with many different styles making it an easy choice for those who want something simple but elegant.  I really like this for academia and those professions that can’t have too much bling.


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