10 Wedding Ring Styles for Men and Women

The process of finding the perfect style for a wedding ring is often as challenging as it is exciting and rewarding. With such a wide range of different types to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options and end up anxious that you might make the wrong choice!

Because of this, it can be incredibly helpful to have a brief overview of the more common styles to help you decide. Let’s get started with 10 types of wedding rings for men and women!

Styles for Women


Plain rings are exactly what it says on the tin: No extra design or added accessories. Classic, traditional, and simple. That said, these rings are by no means boring! They have a graceful elegance that they embody with their design and this is the reason that they have become so widely loved in the first place.

And it doesn’t hurt that plain rings are very comfortable and can match well with just about anything!


For those looking for something a little more lavish, it’d be impossible not to bring up diamond-style rings. Featuring rows of diamonds, the most visually drawing aspect of this style of ring is the way it reflects light so stunningly! This reflective quality is one of the prime reasons that this type of wedding ring has become so popular and frequently sought out among buyers.


One of the first things you’ll notice about a sapphire wedding ring is how strikingly colorful it is. These sapphire features can be combined with a wide array of preferences, so if you find yourself aesthetically drawn to them, you’re not alone!

While this type of wedding ring is often used as a complement to a matching engagement ring, this is by no means mandatory.


Eternity rings are among the most immediately impressive of these styles, and this is by design. In this case, gems are present all around the finger; this allows for the reflection of light regardless of the angle that the ring is looked at from. With this reflecting light, a beautiful shimmering effect is created that can easily draw all eyes to the ring!


If you’re looking for something a little more unique with its own flavor of style, then a vintage ring is often just the thing to consider. Vintage wedding rings can have the added appeal of authenticity and the pleasure of knowing that they once belonged to another couple.

Regardless of your reason for choosing one, vintage rings are always extremely popular and in high demand!

Styles for Men


As with the plain wedding ring style, the classic type is traditional and doesn’t feature any carvings or accessories. Its simple and ageless design gives it an elegant and fashionable vibe that has made it one of the most popular wedding ring styles to pick. A tried-and-true choice, you are guaranteed a good outcome when you buy a classic ring type!


The diamond ring type is also popular with men and exhibits all the same benefits as when used in women’s rings. There is a flashy style to it along with the light-reflecting properties that have always created a massive demand for this type of ring. If you’re after a shimmering, visually appealing look, diamond could be the right ring style for you!


Silicone rings are a somewhat unorthodox choice, but they have a number of very tempting advantages, the largest of which being that they are comfortable, secure, and can fit in perfectly with a highly physically active lifestyle. If you find yourself in a strenuous line of work that requires a great deal of exercise or manual labor, a silicone ring is a very good bet.


On the other hand, many find breaking with traditional ring styles to be an appeal all on its own! For those with this preference, you might be interested in looking at rings made with unique metals not typically used for wedding rings, such as titanium. Many find this type of ring to fit in quite well with their own personality and alternative tastes.


And finally, we have the carved wedding ring style. These rings forgo the classic smooth style of ring in favor of an etching design for the edges. This can strike a nice balance between a classic, traditional look and a more personal or fanciful ring type; a philosophy that really allows you to get the best of both worlds in the ring you pick!

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