Fun and Creative DIY Furniture Ideas

It’s extremely common to reach a point where you find that you have an interest in building, designing, or modifying some of your own furniture, either because you feel your personal taste is too hard to come by on the market or maybe you just want an exciting challenge! But where do you even start when it comes to DIY furnishing?

The good news is that a simple list is often the best place to start: Here are ten ideas to get you in the creative mood for your own furniture projects!

Storage Beds

A storage bed can be a highly effective way to combine functionality with design and aesthetics, so it only makes sense that it would be one of the first places to go for a DIY plan!
Look into building one and see if it doesn’t get that perfect mix of excitement and practicality you’re trying to find.

Bedroom Cabinet

With a bedroom cabinet, you can find a place to store some of your personal items and belongings right in your own room for comfort and convenience. Making your own cabinet can be a great way to personalize this part of your bedroom and make it more in line with your preferences!


Looking for some extra storage space around the house? Consider making one or two of your own chests to cut down on clutter, impress guests with your craftsmanship or wonderful sense of style, and find a place to put some of your side items that you have difficulty sorting through.

Coffee Table

For those looking for a stylish coffee table while also keeping within their budget, building one yourself can be a great option. Try thinking about some different styles you’d be interested in and take a shot at hand-crafting your own coffee table!


You might find that you want your bookshelf to be as unique and personal as your book collection itself! If that’s the case, it would be worthwhile to try making your own; doing so requires relatively few materials and is a fantastic way to practice some DIY skills.

Coat Rack

Getting tired of tossing your coats on the chair or floor? Luckily, you can get your own coat rack assembled in virtually no time at all, which will significantly reduce clutter while also giving you some experience in home furnishing and build confidence for more complex future projects!


Creating a sense of unique style and interesting design for your nightstand can be difficult, but this problem is much more easily solved when you construct it yourself! Plan out some of the details and get started on building it if you want another part of your home to be a more accurate reflection of your taste in furniture.

Picture Frame

Smaller projects can sometimes be even more satisfying than the flashier ones, and this is no less the case for picture frames. Put together a beautiful home for your family photos and travel highlights with a subtle, yet no less effective custom picture frame!

Bed Frame

And speaking of frames, why not tie together your bedroom more creatively with a hands-on attempt at your own bed frame? This isn’t as complex as it might appear at first glance and can be achieved with some easily accessible materials and a handful of simple tools.

Small Tables

Tables are a crucial piece of your home furnishing and yet pre-made designs often come across as bland and unoriginal. Take a stab at representing your own bold or unorthodox choices by building a few of your own small tables to place around the home and bring some lively creativity to the atmosphere!

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