Types Of Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a little bit tricky, but if you know some of the different styles beforehand it can narrow down your choices considerably.  If you’re not especially keen on trying to surprise your partner, you can also have her give you some stealthy feedback on rings.  Consider looking around together for a bit before you make a big decision.  If you’re thinking of getting engaged while on a trip, then this is some food for thought for all you hopeless romantics out there!

For The Traditionalist

Solitaire rings are the most common and the most simple and elegant.  They are made to showcase a single diamond off with as little distraction as possible.  Solitaires feature one center diamond showcased in a basket, trellis, prong, or other setting.  Solitaire rings can also add a touch more with smaller diamonds set underneath the main diamond in a way that are not visible from the top.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are also extremely popular.  Halo settings feature a border or circle of diamonds or other stones around the center diamond.  This adds a lot of sparkle to the ring.  They are much more detailed and ornate than solitaire rings, and considered a bit more glamorous.  Does your significant other like to impress and show off with fancy and ornate jewelry?  Then this might be a great option.

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Nature Lovers Rejoice

If your partner is a lover of outdoorsy things and nature then you might want to consider a ring that features organic elements such as leaves, vines, and more.  There are rings that feature twisting and entwining bands that hide smaller diamonds within.  This is perfect for a unique ring that isn’t run of the mill.

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Timeless And Vintage

For those who are into timeless styles and more vintage looks, then a vintage style ring might be just the ticket.  These types of rings feature ornate scrollwork and fine details such as intricate galleries offset by dainty bands.  They look like something from a time gone by.

Modern And Contemporary Rings

If your woman is something of a fashion forward modernist who enjoys things that are different, unique, or unusual, consider a ring that plays around with sculptural shapes and more geometric designs.  This can also be very personal, so if something like this is up your sleeve then you might want to consider bringing in your partner for a consultation.  Have a discussion about designs she likes.

If You’re Unsure

If you’re not sure whether or not to surprise her with a ring or not, or you can’t decide on the design or setting, consider buying the stone and then a temporary setting.  Then you can both choose the ring together and be happy with the final decision!

Whatever you decide, remember that this is a special time!  Don’t stress out too much – whatever you choose will be sure to delight – because it’s YOU making the decision.  As long as you take the time to consider your partner’s overall taste in fashion and her overall demeanor you should be all set.

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