Most Fun and Original Types of Wedding Cakes

Trying to find the right wedding cake for what often ends up being the most special and memorable day of your life can pose a tough and unexpected challenge. It’s only natural to want to make every single detail of the wedding perfect, and the cake is a big part of that.

Fortunately, there’s a great variety of cakes to choose from and many of them can be broken down into some basic categories. Here are 10 original, entertaining, and impressive types of wedding cakes!

Red Velvet

If you enjoy chocolate cake but want to add a little bit of an extra twist to make it more exciting for your wedding cake, a red velvet cake is an excellent option! This type of cake is consistently enjoyed by many while still feeling fresh and unique.

Hazelnut Almond

One strong opinion on cake flavor is that there simply can’t be enough of it; if you share that philosophy, then you’ll love a hazelnut almond wedding cake. This type of cake manages to pack in a significant flavor punch and is sure to be a pleasantly surprising choice.

Who needs a traditional vanilla flavor when you have the much bolder and more daring hazelnut almond to substitute for it?

Lemon Drop

For those planning a wedding during summer or in a warm part of the world, a lemon drop cake will pair excellently with the outdoor temperature! It also has a nice simple touch to it that can add the perfect combination of elegant and down-to-earth to your wedding.

Coffee and Cream

Want people to have a little extra kick at the event so the activity doesn’t die down too much? Try a coffee and cream combination, which will not only taste delicious but also help you stand apart from the crowd and add to the memorability of the day!


So many couples are huge fans of banana bread and yet seldom seem to consider the next logical step: A banana wedding cake! Make your unique mark on the wedding tradition while also getting to blissfully enjoy one of your favorite flavors; at the end of the day, you’ve earned it after all.

Peanut Butter Cup

It’s quite likely impossible to go wrong with a peanut butter cup flavor, so why not throw it into the wedding mix? Not only will everyone be enthused to see such a beloved flavor, but they’ll also admire your fun-loving choice.

Savor one of the greatest flavor combinations devised over the course of history and do it at the best time and place you’ll ever have!


Those planning for a tropical wedding will be delighted to know that a pineapple cake can be the perfect choice. Not only will the flavor complement the location beautifully, but pineapple’s also just a great flavor in general. If you’re satisfied with the cake you’ve chosen, there certainly won’t be any disappointments here!

Pink Champagne

Fans of the brightest and most joyous of pink shades can seamlessly incorporate their color tastes into the wedding with a pink champagne cake. With this choice, your cake will immediately stand out in an eye-grabbing and original way while also being wonderful to look at. And the actual taste of the cake can only help matters!


Practically everyone enjoys the flavor of honey, so why not add a honey-flavored wedding cake to the mix and appeal to everybody at once? This choice is both refreshingly distinct while also being simple and pleasant enough to have broad appeal. In other words, it’s the perfect combination of tasteful and idiosyncratic for your own personal wedding aesthetic!

Ginger Spice

Insatiable supporters of ginger need not search any further than a ginger spice wedding cake! This style combines wonderfully with maple frosting and, in any case, is sure to be a beautiful and distinctly tasty treat for everyone involved. Really, what more can be said to convince you of this exciting choice?

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