Inspiring Tips and Tricks for the Ideal Greenhouse

Putting together the right combination of construction and design choices for your greenhouse can be as complicated as it is frustrating. As there are so many different questions to ask yourself, from the layout to the colors and materials, you might start wondering how you will ever perfect your vision!

However, many people find that they can streamline the process and reduce any potential headache by staying with few basic ideas. Here are five ideas to get the ball rolling and create your own perfect greenhouse!

Organize Your Layout

First, you must get your plans in order and keep everything organized properly. A greenhouse without a detailed plan or layout can quickly get incredibly difficult to work with, so you won’t regret taking some time to think things through!

One key concern to keep in mind here is crowding. If you separate the different areas of greenhouse with a steady plan, you should find that you are able to maximize your space and allow all the plants plenty of space in the structure. Shelves can be an additional benefit when it comes to creating and conserving space for the plants.

Surrounding Plant Life

While the whole idea of a greenhouse obviously necessitates plants inside the structure, there’s no reason that you can’t have a few on the outside as well! Indeed, by filling up the space around the greenhouse with plants, you might find that it creates a more natural atmosphere and emphasizes the beauty of the greenhouse itself.

It could also be a very good idea to test out some different combinations of plants and see what works best for the mood and atmosphere of the area. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get inventive with your floral arrangement; if something doesn’t seem right, you can always correct it later in the design phase!

Seating Space

To give yourself, friends, and family an area where they can take some time to appreciate the beauty and soothing nature of the greenhouse, it’s highly recommended that you use part of the structure for seating! Of course, the question then pops up: How do I make sure the seating area blends in?

Luckily, there are a few simple and easy ways to do this. You can use green coloring for the seats to prevent a jarring contrast, for example, or include plant artwork or decorations in the mix. Any idea you can think of to combine seating with the greenhouse atmosphere is worth considering!

Resourceful Use of Space

If you’re working with a smaller or mini greenhouse, there’s no reason to let this deter you from having a great amount of plant life in the mold. By using vertical space, as just one scenario, you can add plant pots and really make effective use of the area you’re dealing with!

A seemingly small space can be deceptive, so it’s important to remember that a smaller design plan doesn’t have to be as limiting as it might look.

Creative Structure

And who says your greenhouse must fit the textbook definition of a greenhouse at all? A garden with a tent or a sunlit corner of can both be wonderful substitutes for a traditional greenhouse.

It’s also more than acceptable to remodel an existing structure such as an old barn or tool shed into a new greenhouse, as there’s no need to make a completely new structure from scratch when you have something that will already do just nicely.

You might find it helpful to look around the yard and see if you have any unused structure that could make a great makeshift greenhouse!

About Auther:

Leigh Gordon is an avid surfer, writer, and blogger living in San Diego. She spends time hiking and traveling, and enjoys seeing all that California and the world have to offer. She owns a yellow lab named Finn.