Unique Outdoor Deck Design Ideas

There is often a great difficulty in trying to find creative inspiration to transform your outdoor deck into the perfect combination of design options that you know it can be. From the layout to the materials, seating, and proportions, a great deal of thought must go into planning the design for the deck.

If you feel you need a little extra boost of brainstorming motivation, try some of these ten outdoor deck tips out for size. See if turning these over in your mind doesn’t cause your imagination to run wild!

Picturing the Layout

The first and most crucial part of creating the perfect outdoor deck design is envisioning it. Allow yourself to forgo the material preparations in the very beginning and instead just take the time to imagine the details of your ideal deck.

This will come in handy later!

Incorporating Entertainment

A perfect outdoor deck should be a fun, exciting, and relaxing place to enjoy with friends, family, and visitors. Try forging some space for entertainment by adding a game table and plenty of areas for physical activity, party games, or even exercise!

If you live a highly active lifestyle, this tip could end up being the feature that perfects your deck.

Seating Room

Of course, what good is entertainment if there’s no room for people to partake in it? Extra seating space can be achieved through a spacious deck and chairs, sofa, and other furniture to comfortably sit.

Play around with different ideas for seating and see what works the best with your personal vision!


One way to give your deck its own unique vibe is to base it around a curving shape. There are several materials to look through that can allow for this sort of shape and it has the added benefit of easily allowing for a round table setup!

Gardening Opportunities

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, why not reflect that in your outside deck? Consider throwing some flowerpots or other container gardening materials into the mix! You might find yourself pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to merge these two interests.

Lower Height

Those who are looking for a way to give their deck its own flavor could find a shorter layout appealing! This is a great way to allow for a closer and more intimate experience, especially if there is a lot of greenery in your yard.

Utilize Extra Space

There’s no sense in having a cramped deck if there’s space around it to spare, so it could be worth it to adjust the shape or the layout of the deck if can mean more breathing room for guests. Don’t get too fixated on a specific shape if another layout might make more sense!

Personalized Stairs

A simple, easy, and effective way to give your deck its own personality is to get creative with the stairs! Unusual materials for the steps or railing can be a great idea for accomplishing this as well as building the stairs with a curving or bending shape.

Soothing Atmosphere

Mood and atmosphere are often overlooked in home decor, but they are easily one of the most important factors. A cozy, gentle tone can be as easy as using a familiar and inviting color scheme or making great use of soft materials for your chairs and furniture.

Open Air

And finally, you might believe walls just subtract from the whole deck experience. If that’s the case, then why include them at all? Allow the deck to be surrounded by nothing but fresh, open space and bask in the feeling of being in the outdoors!

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