10 Outdoor Lighting Tips for Your Home

In home decor and design circles, the indoors often receive most of the attention and little thought is given to the outdoor implementation. This is no less true for lighting, which might seem to be a bigger deal for inside the home; however, thinking this way is a huge mistake!

Outdoor lighting is incredibly important for aesthetics, nighttime entertainment, and a sense of home completeness for a holistic approach. And it certainly shouldn’t be glossed over to focus exclusively on the inside lighting.

Here are ten tips to help you out if you’re having difficulty in this area!


Candlelight is one of the oldest and most effective ways to light your outdoor gatherings and they still, to this day, work like a charm!

Candlesticks can be fantastic for more close, intimate, or romantic nights while using smaller candles might be the best way to get a familiar and comforting atmosphere going on outside.

Using Fences

Fencing in your yard can make for a neat little way to mount rows of lights in a single area. The size of the bulb is up to you, but keep in mind that large bulbs will cut down on the quantity of lighting you’ll need overall!

Glass Covers

Finding a glass cover for bright light sources creates a wonderful glowing effect that adds to a sense of escapism and serenity. Even a minimal use of this technique gives an extra boost to the mood of the nighttime decor and will help guests feel more comfortable.

Tea Lights

Looking for an ocean-like effect of many small lights in the yard? Tea lights are the answer! The dazzling starlight impression fostered by a good collection of tea lights acts as an additional sprinkle of outside design that makes the night a little more fantastical.

Tree Support

If you need a makeshift post on short notice, see if a tree out back won’t do the trick. The trunk of the tree can often make just as good of a support as any post and it cuts down on time and effort; just wrap the lights around it and call it a night!


An air of elegance and grace can be readily accomplished by adding a chandelier! If you have a dining table, consider hanging a chandelier above it or even make your own out of tree branches if you’re feeling a DIY mood overtake you.

Multiple Directions

When the lighting starts to feel monotonous, you might decide to mix it up by experimenting with the direction it aims in. Think outside the box and have the lights point toward interesting or unique places for a sense of diversity and variety!


A classic for outdoor lighting, pendants have several time-honored advantages! Many home designers have found that placing a pendant in a certain area outside can give it a soothing atmosphere that guests might want to move to at some point in the night.

Basket Covers

Using baskets for light covers can have a certain charm or friendliness to it that you might want to cultivate at your outdoor gatherings. Try them out by hanging them from railings or tree branches and see if the effect that’s created isn’t exactly the sort of pleasantness you’re looking for!

Artificial Fire

With the use of an artificial flame, you can allow your outdoor lighting to have all the benefits and draws of real fire with none of the downsides. If you prefer to cut down on cost and time, this can be as simple as wrapping small lights around a few logs and placing them in a fire pit!

About Auther:

Leigh Gordon is an avid surfer, writer, and blogger living in San Diego. She spends time hiking and traveling, and enjoys seeing all that California and the world have to offer. She owns a yellow lab named Finn.