Avoiding Bed Bugs In Hotels

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]edbugs can be found in many places. They can be found at home, dormitories, hostels and even major hotels. In fact, hotels and motels are the perfect place for bedbug infestation. You will realize that people who go on holiday from places with high rate of bedbug infestation often carry the bedbugs in their luggage into the hotel rooms. Once they arrive at these hotels, they normally unpack their suitcases. It is during this time that bedbugs crawl and spread to the rest of the room. Within a few weeks, these bedbugs are likely to have multiplied and spread to other hotel rooms.

Bed Bug Myths

Most people normally have the wrong notion about bedbugs. They usually think that bedbugs only infest hotels that are unclean. However, this is untrue. They do not dwell in places simply because they are dirty. They are usually attracted by warmth and feed on human blood. A bedbug can take refuge in any small place such as bed seams, sofas, chairs, carpets, furniture and so forth. They are nocturnal insects. This means that they usually feed at night. They are generally more active approximately one hour before dawn. You will realize that their regular feeding cycle is five to ten days.

Hotels With Bedbugs – Can You Avoid Them?

Hotel bedbugs are a concern to many travelers. Most visitors normally complain of bedbug bites from time to time. If your hotel has bedbugs, you should eliminate them as soon as possible. The following are some of the reasons why you should eliminate them:

1. Quality sleep

Most travelers are normally tired after travelling for a whole day. Most of them just opt to take super in a hotel and book lodging where they can sleep. You will realize that you need to have quality sleep at night so that you can be productive the following day. However, their sleep can be interrupted with by bedbug bites. They can make them feel uncomfortable. You are likely to sleep only for a few hours. This is the reason why it is advisable to eliminate them.

2. Reduced number of customers

If your hotel has bedbugs, few customers will be willing to sleep in your hotel. Most of them will just buy meals and leave. Your hotel can have low profits and so forth. In addition, it can have a bad reputation. This is the reason why you should eliminate them as soon as possible.

If you’re booking a hotel and want to see if it’s on the “bed bug registry” or similar, you can do a simple search for bed bug reports hotels or for a hotel bed bug reports.  There are a few websites that have a database of hotels with known bedbug problems.

Tips For Avoiding And Detecting Bedbugs

If you are traveling, it is important that you leave your luggage at the door or on the table or rack near the door while you inspect your room. You should not put your luggage on the bed. In addition, you should not place your luggage on a couch or chair until you have inspected the couch or chair. Once you get in a hotel room, you should be keen to check behind the headboard, sheets and blankets, mattress and even the box spring. You should also check bureaus and tables within 10 to 15 feet of the bed. You should also check behind paintings and generally anywhere near the bed.

Telltale signs of bedbugs

If you find any bedbug in that room, ask for another room immediately. You can tell that a hotel room has bedbugs when if:

  • You feel itchy after lying on the bed
  • Edges of upholstery or mattresses have brownish dark lines
  • The itchiness on your skin lasts for longer periods. You will realize that bedbugs bites are often more itchy than mosquito bites.

If you suspect that your clothes have hotel bedbugs, you should put them in washer and use very hot water. You will realize that bedbugs normally die in extreme heat and extreme cold. You can use very hot water for washing your clothes and later place them in a deep freezer for up to 4 weeks. This will not only kill the bedbugs but also their eggs. The freezer is a great option for books, passports and papers. Steam cleaning can also help you to get rid of bedbugs.

Hotel bedbugs can be a nuisance. They can disturb you when you are sleeping. If you happen to visit a hotel, you should be keen the check the above mentioned areas so that you can avoid infestation. If you have hotel, you should ensure that it is free from bedbugs. Get rid of hotel bedbugs today and you will enjoy the results.

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