6 Cheapest Caribbean Islands That You Should Visit

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have a long holiday ahead—what should you do and where should you go? Being a tourist is one of the things that you would like to do, and this time you have thought about visiting the Caribbean islands. You would like to explore everything that you have heard about the islands. However, there is a huge stumbling block that is standing ahead of you. You are operating within a limited budget, and it threatens to derail your trip. Don’t worry; you can still visit some islands even at your small budget. Here are the cheapest Caribbean islands to visit.

1. Cuba

After the political and social temperatures have cooled down, Cuba is now ready to welcome different visitors including the tourists. Varadero is one of the cheapest islands that you will ever come across in Cuba. Even though it does not have any tourist hostels, there are cheaper alternatives that you can use as accommodation. There are large resorts in the islands and most of them are tailored for large groups of visitors. Varadero is very popular among most of the Europeans though a good number of the Americans have also started falling in love with it. You can walk strong leisurely along the beach while here.

2. Dominican Republic

Beautiful tropical white sandy beach in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thinking about the cost? The island pride itself of having the cheapest hotels and resort in the whole of Caribbean islands. There are also cheap holiday packages that cater for large groups of visitors. Flights to the island are not expensive and are only a few hours from the eastern coast of the United States. Thinking of what to do here? The clear Damajaqua Waterfall will give you an ultimate thrill. After that, you can take a trip to Mount Isabel using a cable car. You can spend your evening relaxing on the island’s sandy beaches.

3. Puerto Rico

Are you a surfer and you would like to have an action-packed holiday?  Rincon in Puerto Rico is the place to be. The island, known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic, is very popular for hosting surfers from different parts of the world.  While here, you are likely to interact with different people who have the same interests as yours. The issues of accommodation are well taken care of thanks to the presence of local houses for rent. You can rent an ideal house at a much lower price than what you would have spent at the hotel. The prices of flights to the airports are comparatively lower, and you are assured of having a good time while here.

4. Jamaica

this photo was taken at a vacation resort in Montego Bay , Jamaica.

In addition to hosting the world’s friendliest people, Jamaica boasts of having the cheapest resorts and hotels that its visitors can enjoy. The beautiful nature of the island also makes it be favorite travel destination.  If you would like to have fun with water, you can get it from the crystal-clear water of the Mayfield Falls. Surrounding the falls is the Negril forest. A walk inside the forest will help grant you a rare opportunity to escape the busy city life. The thrill of the island cannot be complete if you don’t take a long jump into the water from the cliffs. In the evening, relax at the sandy beaches as you watch the sun going down.

5. St Lucia

It always referred to as the secret gem of the Caribbean islands. There are lots of things and amazing places that you can visit in this island which very few people talk about. The brighter side of the story is that the island is ranked as one of the cheapest Caribbean islands that one can visit. There are several 3-star resorts that can accommodate you at fair prices. You can have a vantage view of the whole island from the towering Jade Mountain. The island is also dotted with Sulphur Springs and several water pools. St Lucia is a popular stop over for several cruise ships, and you can have a pleasure of enjoying affordable snacks from the locals.

6. Aruba

Aruba, Netherlands Antilles. Divi divi tree on the beach

A trip to Aruba will be worth your investment. The breathtaking sight of the white sandy beaches and the water waves will welcome you to this affordable island. Aruba is a true definition of its tagline, “One Happy Island.” While here, you are assured of getting an out-of -the world experience. While here, you can take a visit to the wildlife-rich Arikok National Park and have a view of everything in it. The locals here are always friendly, and you will make you feel at home. Interacting with the beautiful flamingos at the beaches will make your trip memorable.

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